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Brian Spence - Forensic Accountant in Manchester

Brian Spence is a Forensic Accountant and Forensicount Manchester's Head of Department. He has specialised in providing financial dispute resolution, fraud investigation and forensic accounting services for over 20 years.

Forensicount Manchester is a Forensic Accounting practice and a member of NIFA - the Network of Independent Forensic Accountants. Forensicount Manchester provides forensic accounting services to the legal, corporate, insurance and regulatory sectors from its offices in Manchester, covering the Greater Manchester area, Liverpool, south Lancashire, Cheshire and often farther afield.


Our forensic accountants are highly experienced in many areas:

  • the quantification of losses arising from commercial disputes and insurance claims
  • the valuation of private businesses
  • acting as arbitrators in disputes between the partners of accountancy and legal practices
  • the investigation of corporate and retail frauds
  • criminal cases and confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act
  • advising on personal matters - in particular the financial aspects of matrimonial proceedings and the provision of expert accounting evidence to the Court
  • quantification of loss of earnings in personal injury cases
  • expert determinations
  • acting as a single joint expert 

Click here for Brian’s full NIFA (Network of Independent Forensic Accountants) profile.  



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