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Forensic Accountant testimonials for BTMR Ltd.

BTMR Ltd Testimonials


“The report is thorough, fair and generally strikes a good tone”

Counsel for the Claimant


“I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you for both your professional expertise and your personal support. I am extremely grateful to you [for] all that you did for me in the detailed preparation and the expertise that you showed during the cross examination.”

Share valuation client


“Mr Spence does not describe valuation as one of his core activities (which he lists as accounts preparation, audit and tax advice), but he regularly undertakes share and business valuations. He has appeared as an expert witness in court proceedings, and is without doubt properly qualified to do so. He has not previously acted as an expert witness in a fiscal valuation case, but he has been involved in negotiations over tax valuations.”

Counsel for HMRC


“Your performance on the witness stand was admirable. Your confidence, language and tone were just right and were superior to HMRC’s expert!”

Counsel for Respondents


“I have recently received the final payment from Eversheds in completion of the outstanding costs in connection with the Legal case.

It has been a long road but may I thank you for your time and effort expended in bringing this matter to a satisfactory conclusion. Your attention to detail, expertise and professional approach throughout the seven years is a credit to yourself and thankfully you were on our side!”

Litigation client


“Dear Mr Spence,

Thank you very much for the comprehensive report in connection with this matter.

Whilst it will obviously be a disappointment to my clients, they should at least be confident in knowing that you have left no stone unturned.”


“I am extremely grateful for the very comprehensive report and the time and effort you have put into the Report.”

Instructing solicitor – mortgage arrears case


“Thanks Brian your help over the last couple of days has been immense”

Instructing solicitor – share valuation


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